Totems is a consciousness liberation campaign experienced as multimedia artwork, thrilling narratives, self discovery and future driven technology.

Totems is more than just stunning art that you can display to the world. This NFT gets you membership into an elite group that will challenge your thinking, break down your conscious beliefs and build a new you back better than before!

You’ve likely heard of the secret societies that run the world. No longer will their tools, perspectives, and tactics be hidden from you!

We’re Exposing Their Secrets, it’s time for the people to take back the power!

Our goal is to make you question everything you’ve been taught since you were born, and relearn THE TRUTH. Here, you will not only have access to said education, but a group to share your personal discoveries, to grow with and to discover the best version of yourself.

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Okay, I get it you want a taste… Well, let me ask you this… you know how in grade school math we are taught about the septagon having 7 sides, the octagon with 8… decagon with 10? Then why is September our 9th month and not the 7th? Why is October the 10th month and December the 12th? 🧐🤔 Why aren’t taxes taught in grade schools? Or basic law? You sign contracts all the time. We will discuss all of this, and so much more. Join us and liberate your mind!

Knowledge is power, but a lack of knowledge is a barricade.

Join us, Inscribe your name on the Totem Tablet and discover who you truly are!

Inscribe your name on the Totem Tablet

Mission One Million:


What is MOM?

Simple, our mission is to change a million lives.

Web3 currently has a problem with onboarding and adoption…

Today most of crypto is seen as degenerate, and not in the fun way we all like to joke about. Money Laundering, Illegal Activity, stories of people losing loads of money to ponzi’s, rug pulls, and scams.

We have to take back the narrative and show the potential of the technology and communities!

A million seems like a big number, but there are an estimated 7,888,000,000 people on earth, Meaning you can impact a million 7,800 times over. 7.888 BILLION people, all of them use money, sign contracts, and consume entertainment. The mission is one million people.

There is power in numbers. We often think to ourselves, “Ah I can’t do that” or “yeah that needs to change but that’ll never happen,” “Yeah the government will never let that happen,” “Big corporations will just ruin that.” Maybe that’s because we are thinking too small… Sure one person might not be able to do it alone, maybe not even you and your friends, but a whole community!? Think again.

Impossible does not exist… We’re here to prove that.

So is this some kind of charity or self help group?

No! It’s a community of strong willed, compulsive winners. Who are tired of seeing things done the wrong way. It’s time to empower our brothers and sisters with the knowledge to set them free. When you join this group your life will change for the better, full stop.

For more information on our execution plan read the Roadmap.

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These non fungible totems were built to last. This is a project with metaverses of potential, and a passionate team to pursue it.


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